I have a little experience programming in commodore 64 basic when I was younger and i've programmed several small programs in c++. I do find programming very interesting There are two majors that i'm interested in, computer science and computer information system. At the local college they offer an associates in both, I may get the associates and then tranfer to a four year univ to pursue the bachelors. Or just go to the Univ. Before i start taking classes in Jan .I need to know from you experienced programmers, what is the difference in the programming classes taught between the two and what are the differences in the job opportunities once someone completes one of the program.

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what is the difference in the programming classes taught between the two

Programming courses in computer science are more advanced and theoretical. In information systems, they're more broad.


In Computer Science: You would create a server in C running in Linux. You would create your own data types and a mechanism to handle threads safely. You might even create your own scripting language and a command interpreter or compiler. You would have to understand everything, from the smallest bit manipulated in your programs.

In Information Systems: You would create an application in Windows using visual tools. If you use lower level languages like C++ or even C, you would not have to understand much of the theory behind it. More emphasis is on "how to do it" not "how it works."

Granted there's theory in information systems, but not as low level as computer science.