hello, my name is kaushik, i am about to go ito A2 and i am thinking of taking up computer science at uni.
The results that i just got are:-
Maths (b) - i am now going to drop this subject for A2
Chemistry (c)
Biology (D)
ICT (b)
i dont know whether to do computer science, because some people are telling me it really hard and that you hardly get a job with it. with Maths grade B at AS, many unis accept this, and most unis want 280-300 points, but i am aiming for ACC, which is 280 points, which will hopefully get me into a uni. what i want to know is with grades like these, in chemistry, biology and ict, do you think i will find computer science difficult?
Thank You

Really, if you go into Computer Science, you have to have very good Logic and Math skills.

Do you enjoy figuring out processes of things? If so, CompSci might be good for you. Personally, I LOVE just about every aspect of networking. So, I got a degree in Computer Networking Technologies.

but do u guys find the maths part of computer science hard?

Math part of computer science hard?

It depends on your potential and the applications you are working on. If you write programs involved with graphics, then it might require some calculus and linear algebra (vector). In general, you have to be good with logics (Dicrete mathematics). If you like logic, it will help you in writing programs.
Good luck.

Why are you dropping maths? You got one of your best grades at AS in Maths?! Most universities will specify that you have maths, particularly if you don't have a computer science A level and most universities will require a minimum grade to get in your A level in Mathematics, for example, the university that I am heading off to in a few weeks time specified that I got an A! If you are not continuing with A level maths, it is probably because you do not enjoy it, so why do you think you'll enjoy the maths modules you have to take at university when reading computer science?