i am a final year student in computer science.i have a project idea but don't know if its possible.I am thinking of making a peer to peer application using a wifi card but have an interface similar to bluetooth to the user.the idea here is allow for pcs to find themselves and send data to the desired Pc without having to manually deal with configurations such as ip addresses,ssid etc.If this is possible,how can it be down?
thanks in advance

Perfect - do it!

how can this be down?can the windows wireless api be adquate enough?

Wait, I thought this was your project.

well i need help from you guys,this is just an idea but don't really know how to implement it.i need some expert guidance....thank you

Configure wifi in adhoc mode , write application to send and receive packet via UDP , I would say not very difficult project assignment.

Honored sir,
I call it idea when I know (or at least think I know) how I would do it!
Otherwise, it is no more than wishfull thinking...........

If You are not even sure it could be done, nor have >>hunch<< how it could be done, then beat it!
In other cases You can at least try to Google few keywords and see if something similar drop out :-((

It would do You world of good to read some books about Systems Analyse and Systems Engineering, as You lack practicality of the approach to problem.

In short:
First see what You want as results, and what use of this may be
This are outputs of system..

When You are sure of that, think what could give that results!

Establishing that, see what inputs are necesary and where You can take them, or what could send them or produce them.

Next look what/who is controling whole process (initiate, operate, terminate) as something or someone should trigger it to start!

Draw it on paper as boxes connected by arrows, write comments for both boxes and arrows that represent actions or messages.
Go trough whole scheme from start to end and see if something is missing.
If thing seems to work, try add details to each box and arrow.

Then You can try to write program, if that is all required, if not, collect hardware first and study how to make it do what You want. Hardware should be programable or have interface/driver which acceppt comands.

Before sitting to program, try to find examples of similar programs that could be adapted for new function. Also think which level of programming is required, and if programming language would support it..........

It is usefull to first write in Pseudo code, if You are not old profesionall like me, who learned over 16 types of programming languages, many in severall generations and on severall platforms.

If Your pseudocode works >>on paper<< then try to code it in choosen programing language.........

First make simple program routines that would do some usefull function of this Application, that You can check if it is working correctly...
Start with parts that sems hardest or for which You are not sure if this would work. That way, if You canot do it, You would find fast and not waste time on parts that You know You can do, but would be useless without this other parts........
Once hardest parts are finalized and working properly, the rest is easy as a pie!
Many little wictories would step by step bring You closer to finalized program! You just follow tested plan, so You cannot fail :-))

I hope this crash course helps :-))

Remember: >>Who fails to make plan is planing to fail!<< :-((

Someone famous (perhaps A. Lincoln) has told that if he would have 12 hours to cut the tree, he would spend 10 hours sharpening the axe!

Just dont do useless things that nobody would be interested in, as this is waste of time, unless it is exercise in preparation for some bigger enterprise! Anyhow, it is more stimulating if every thing You finish have some good use, however small it is!

Regards from Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia, Europe!
Marijan Pollak, IT SA/SE 1st. Class, Instructor & Team Leader

i want u to assist me to start a project

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i want u to assist me to start a project

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