Can someone please help me out? What are the pros and cons of C++ and Java? I've always been told that C++ is the ultimate programming language. It's powerful, fast, and used to run huge programs. But since Java is a close rival to C++, I was wondering what are some of the things that make C++ better than Java, and some of the things that make Java better than C++. Thanks in advance. =)

C++ is higher-level than Java, in that it has a more flexible type system and can make abstractions that Java cannot. On the other hand, Java has garbage collection.

The truth is, Java sucks, horribly. Java is pretty much as crappy as a language can be. But it has garbage collection, which makes it better than C++, but much worse than pretty much every other language. Scala, a language that compiles to the JVM, is indisputably better than Java.