hi ppl...
can u please help me with this program.. i dont get how to do it. I tried hard but dont' get it.!
Suppose that $ 1000 is deposited in a bank account that pays interest at the rate of 8%. if interest is paid annually, at the end of each year 8% of the amount currently in the account is added to the amount. write a program to complete the table shown below.
this is the table:
time(years) Amount in account (dollars)
0 1000.00
1 1080.00
. .
. .
. .
50 .

THankss in advancee for help:)

> i dont get how to do it. I tried hard but dont' get it.!
Which part?
The counting of years from 1 to 50 part?
Or the adding 8% part?

Post your best effort so far.

well.. my teacher told me to use WHile loops wid this program..
I don't understand what While loop is and how do i use it with this program..

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int counter=1;
float interest;
float deposite = 1000;
while (counter<= 50)
interest = deposite * 0.8f;
deposite +=interest;
Console.WriteLine(counter.ToString() + "={0}", deposite.ToString());


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