Loop: LD F0, 0(R1) ;F0 - array element 
 ADDD F4, F0, F2 ;add scalar in F2 
 SD 0(R1), F4 ;store result 
 SUBI R1, R1, #8 ;decrement pointer  
;8 bytes (per double) 
 BENZ R1, Loop ;branch R1 != zero

on DLX this looks:

Loop: LD F0, 0(R1) 1 
  stall  2 
  ADDD F4, F0,F2 3 
  stall  4 
  stall  5 
  SD 0(R1), F4 6 
  SUBI R1, R1,#8 7 
  BENZ R1, Loop 8 
  stall  9

i want to understand when does the stall occur?


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you guys still think cheating is not ethical? i dont think i will be able to pass this f... class without cheating..

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You're a bad bad man, serken sendur.
Cheating Is Wrong.... Assembly Is Right.
Then you should consider doing something else
No, you still haven't changed my opinion that cheating is wrong.
Just because you can't pass a class without cheating doesn't make it ethical
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