hi, my name is Kody Pruitt and I'm extremely new to this...I know it's a very impossible thing to estimate but I was wondering if you think it's pretty reasonable that I could start from damn near absolute scratch and be working in the game industry or some related field in 4 to 6 years from now once I graduate college with a degree in computer science.

I know nothing of the stuff as of right now, but I have a deep passion and was wondering if at the age of 26 I'm starting too late in life. I'm about 90 percent certain the age window may have passed me long ago for this job field. Thanks guys, sorry if I sound like an idiot.

Also, just wondering how hard the math really is?

It's never too late to start, but the game industry is incredibly competitive, so four to six years might be unrealistic for the dream job, depending on what exactly you want to do. However, getting into the industry is certainly doable.

>Also, just wondering how hard the math really is?
You shouldn't be surprised to see some higher math.

That's great...

I was under the impression that they really wouldn't be interested in a 30 something year old graduate..

Also, just wondering how hard the math really is?

basic algebra, trigonometry, statistics, analytic geometry, discrete mathematics, integral and differential calculus, linear algebra, .... Most of these subjects really got my nose bleeding.

I believe that a solid foundation in algebra and elementary mathematics are very important in computer science.

good luck to you!! ni don't really think it's depending on your age, rather on your skills!! you'll have to work really hard to get into the industry!! (as for any job in the multimedia industry).

another good luck on those maths q's!!
i don't get some of them at all!!