For my computing coursework I have to add a validation which means all events have to be between 7 days and 2 months of the booking date

booking date = 01/01/2006
event date has to be between 08/01/2006 and 01/03/2006
i cant seem to do this or find it on the net anywer
quick reply would be appreciated thanks :)

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>quick reply would be appreciated thanks
That's not going to happen. You haven't provided enough information for us to adequately help you, so you can't expect even a rudimentary suggestion. You've also not given any code that proves you've made an attempt, so nobody will post any code to help you as a result.

Depending on how you handle dates, this could be very easy, or extremely difficult. So please elaborate.


the quick reply was because its on a dead line
not because im being impatient etc. sorry
i have tried and failed
as im not at college now i dont have my attempts sorry
its the 2006 calender and has to be 7 days
and 2 months (ie 1st - 1st)
im not sure how to word this properly hense why i gave an example
if i cud hav some ideas of where to look what to try or wer to start itd b much appreciated
sorry for my expectations


>if i cud hav some ideas of where to look what to try or wer to start itd b much appreciated
If you would make an attempt at writing proper English, it would be much appreciated by our non-native English speakers.

How about you start by telling us what language you're doing this in? Many languages offer library solutions that save you the effort of writing your own date algorithms.


access - making a database storing client data and booking data
i have to make the bookings so they are within the set period before the event

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