Im doing My final project on: "Extending 2d pixels to 3d voxel space". Of-course in my thesis i need to put background in fromation on the topic and I was looking for Information on 2d pixels and its operations. I tried to seach on the web (with google), but didnt find sufficient information. I only found some information in wkipedia but as anyone can edit or write in wkipedia its not a very trusted source isnt it? I cant just site it and use information from it in my report and i'll need other sources. I also tired to seach for it on online databases but still couldnt find Information which i think i can use. As there are many articles in my search result even after trying to limit my search, i just look at the tile and the summary. If i find the article not much releavent to my topic i skip it. Maybe i did not look carefully enough, i dnt know. Well, any help for how to find information or any links for information will be very much appreciated. Thanks for your support!

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This book wasnt helpful, I found Some historical Information on pixels but still looking for information on the operations on pixels; the arthmetic operatons like color scaling, image diffrencing, adding two images, etc... and the geometric operations like translation, rotation, etc...

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