First of all, a big HIIII to everyone @ daniweb :)

Well, i've just got into computer science engineering field and i'm interested in creating a web browser of my own..
Can anyone please tell me wich all languages i need to know in doing so..I'm not interested in doing it in vb..
Can someone guide me??

Thanks in advance

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If you are determined to write it ALL on your own, the language makes no practical difference as there are a myriad of technologies that require in-depth understanding to truly write it from scratch.

If instead you want to use libraries, there are suitable libraries for many languages.

For example, in Delphi, you can realize a browser in just a few lines of code, but you really didn't *write a web browser* yourself.

What languages do you know?


I'm talking about building a web browser from scratch..
Well, currently i know c,c++,java and a little bit of python...I'm prepared to learn whatever it takes to do this...


Start by looking at the code for an open source browser. If you want to write it from scratch, you've got your work cut out for you.


Mind if I ask why you want to create your own Web Browser?

If I ever thought about taking on a project like this, I'd at least look up the definition of what it is I'm trying to make (or remake) if one exists.


From that definition alone, you're looking at learning a language of your choice, learning how to access files on the WWW, learning how to interpret tags in files such that a specific action is done, such as placing a particular 'pane' at a particular location in your Browser's document pane.

Even after you access a file, you're going to need to make various "parsers" for different kinds of languages.

I'm sure you would need to know more than this. It doesn't look like an easy task, as one would have to learn the many different mark-up languages first, then finally decide on a suitable language to use, then learn, then finally start making deductions on how to recursively parse and handle data encountered in the document.

If you need to finish this anytime soon, expect sleepless nights! =)


Writing a web browser from scratch is certainly a huge job. Not only do you need to parse HTML, but you need translate languages (such as javascript) into instructions which your web browser can read. Furthermore you need to be able to render the page quickly, using various algorithms. The easier way to create a browser is to use a preexisting engine such as WebKit, which I think is what Google Chrome is based on.

Anyway good luck :)

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