I'm implementing a software module and hesitating about the appropriate design. The client needs to perform operations for an componenet which is divided to few parts in the memory. However the client treats the componenet as one contiguous.
My design includes a "Manager" which has an interface for the client and handles all operations for this components. The "Manager" knows when it is asked to read/write the appropriate part of the memory. It hides the fact that the component is divided to few parts in the memory space.
I wonder if this is called a proxy, facade or a bridge? Or maybe other pattern? I think it is a proxy but not sure since there few real objects (i.e. subjects) and not only one.
In case this is a proxy - must I use also the "subject" or can the client use the proxy object directly? I don't see the point to "subject" and it will just cause to more unnecessary files and code.

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