hello all. please am in a dilemma right now. am supposed to submit my project proposal in 2weeks time but as right now i dont even have a topic. please graet minds i need your help on suugestions about a topic that is VB related please. its very urgent..

write a robot vb windows application which will enable you to post and display threads in DaniWeb. the advantage will be there will be no advertisements. it will have very basic user interface. you'r going to select forum from dropdownlist. then in a messagebox type your question then hit enter, boom, you create your thread. you can work in disconnected manner, you can save those selected or chosen threads to ms access file on your local PC and so on. or you can better improve this tool to connect to any of your favorite forums. then you can select websites from dropdown list and it can change the settings like username and password to authorize you for those websites. it sounds really interesting to me while brainstorming replying to you. i may consider doing this tool for my self :)

or better do this, let say you have a question and you post the same question to many forums, all copying and pasting and logging ins and so forth. instead make a windows application by which you can register these forums to its database(it can even be an xml file), then when you post that question it is going to be posted to all forums automatically.
how is that?

sounds good to me but the problem is that am not good with programming. could you help pls?!

i did my best my friend.
no gain without pain :(

Sorry to hear that.

Hey you want people to send you the entire code?? You must know your talents, your abilities and do accordingly :).