I have some assignment in for tomorrow, i have done most of it, however i am stuck on pseudo codes. Here's what i have to make pseudo code for...

the medical profession used to estimate the safe level of consumption to be
21 units per week for a man
14 units per week for a woman

A more reliable and actuate measure is to take advantage of the increased labelling on alcoholic drinks to show the alcohol by volume (ABV). This will be typically be 3.5% for many beers, 12% for many wines etc….

For the benefit of the users that will use this program will be state that 1 standard unit = 10ml (millilitres) of alcohol.

Beverage ABV (%)----------Pub Glass (ml)
Beer 3.5------------------------568 (pint glass)
Strong Beer 5.0 ----------------568 (pint glass)
Wine 12.0----------------------125
Sherry 18.0---------------------50
Spirits 40.0 ------------------24

Assignment Brief
Design a program that can calculate
• Total number of standard units of alcohol consumed
• Total volume of alcohol consumed expressed in Millilitres (ml)
• Percentage (%) of the daily limit of alcohol consumed
• Percentage (%) of weekly limit of alcohol consumed

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated


I tried to start it, not sure if its right so far though

Output “are you male or female?
Get sex

Output “How much beer did you have?
Get beer
Ml = ml + beer * 568 * (3.5/100)

Output “How much strong beer did you have?
Get strongbeer
Ml = ml + strongbeer * 568 * (5 / 100)

Output “How much wine did you have?
Get wine
Ml = ml + wine *125 * (12 / 100)

Output “How much sherry did you have?
Get sherry
Ml = ml + sherry * 50 *(18 / 100)

Output “How much spirits did you have?
Get spirits
Ml = ml + spirits * 24 * (40/100)

Get sex

Have you illustrated some of these ideas? It could help.

Hi i have this asssignement about pseudo codes and flowchats and cant find my way around it .
Question 1
Draw a flow chart to represent the logic program that allows the user to enter five values.The program prints the largest and the smallest number from the five values provided,write the pseudocode for the same problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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please answer my assignment for tomorrow:

get the product of three numbers.
get the 2^nth value of a numbers n.
get the largest among three numbers.
get the factorial of a number n.
get the cube root of a number.

how to pseudocode and flow chart that one.'.

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What's funniest about these is that "pseudocode" is not a set language... so correctness of any response depends on how the teacher defined their "pseudocode" language.

hi i have a problem with this Pseudo Code problem!!! i need to turn it in tomorrow!!!! please helpppp!!!!!
You have been hired by a mortgage company to help write an application that will help determine whether an applicant is qualifid for a loan or not and if they are qualified, what type of loan are they qualified for. Here are the specifications.

1. Loan officers are to input the user credit score which ranges from 350 to 900. Note…do not let users input any figure that is not in this range.

2. Any applicant with a credit score of 650 or less is not qualified for a loan.

3. The following loan tiers are available for the different levels of credit:
651 to 700 – 8% Interest Rate (Tier 1)
701 to 750 – 7% Interest Rate (Tier 2)
751 to 800 – 6% Interest Rate (Tier 3)
801 to 850 – 5% Interest Rate (Tier 4)
851 to 900 – 4% Interest Rate (Tier 5)

4. If the applicant is qualified, then the loan officer must also request from the applicant what their yearly income is. The size of their loan they qualify for will also depend on their income and their credit score. To calculate their maximum loan amount, use the chart below:
Tier 1 – income * 2.0
Tier 2 – income * 2.2
Tier 3 – income * 2.5
Tier 4 – income * 2.8
Tier 5 – income * 3.1

5. The application should tell the loan officer if the applicant is qualified, if so, at what interest rate and what the maximum amount of a loan can they be approved for.

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