Hi all. I am a final year student studying computer science and i have decided after much deliberation to develop a decision support system for my college's University Placement Department. I would like to humbly ask for help in terms of advice on the best development tools, methodologies and good reference sites and textbooks. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I donno much about DSS and which is the suitable development tools nor methodology but I hope this will help you. From what I know, most student will use VB language to develop a college or school system such as the library system. VB language is said to be easier to use compare to other language such as java. Microsoft Visual Studio will be the best development tools for VB language.

As for the methodology, those I know are DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) and XP Programming(Extreme programming). It depends on the time you need to complete the project and also the method you use to develop the application. You can search in google search engine for more detail about it.

I hope this can help you a little :)