Hello! I'm a first year college student taking up BS Computer Science and we were to assigned to interview a person who is working for two or more years and who took the same course as ours. If you are one, please send me a private message or reply to this thread! It's only a few questions about your career. Thank you! I'd really appreciate it! :)

Hi czrnll,
You can for sure post your questions here.... :)

Thank you for sharing your information
as Piya27 said you can post your question here and after that we will answer to your question.

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Thank you for replying!! :)

Here are the questions:

(a) What is the nature of your career/job?

- Daily tasks…

- Areas of responsibility…

- Stressors…

- Successes..

(b) What are your skills and interests that has made you to choose this career/job?

(c) What do you like about your job?

(d) What do you dislike about your job?

(e) What did you learn in college which is most useful to your current job?

- Values..

- Skills..

- Knowledge of…

(f) If given a chance, would you like to change your job or career?

(g) In one to two sentences, how will you summarize your current sense of accomplishment? What are the factors that has lead you to feel this way?