I recently purchased music files from "musicnow.com" and have discovered that my "purchased" files are apparently not exclusively mine at all as I have had nothing but problems with these files. After twice having to redownload the files purportedly due to "problems with the musicnow software", I now get this message when I try to play any of my "purchased" tracks:
==MusicNow has introduced an improved version of our service. Your existing "Add" tracks, or conditional downloads, can no longer be played. We recommend you delete these files.
The improved MusicNow will give you quick access to play your favorite songs, and fun ways to create an online music collection, called "My Music."To convert an existing MusicNow account, or to try the improved MusicNow service, please visit www.musicnow.com.==

To me, this is saying: "we are now going to further annoy you by making it so that you can only accesss your tracks via an online playlist". It wouldn't even let me transfer my tracks onto my mp3 player!! This enrages me. I did not follow their advice and "delete my tracks" so here is my question: Which program is it that allows you to extract and delete sub-files from within files that are normally inaccessible such as .exe files, etc.? In this case they happen to be .wma files. Please and thanks for your time and expertise.

Try Nero, it is a very useful burning/audio/video tool. I know it has options for converting between different audio formats such as from wma to mp3. It is a very expensive piece of software however so you might want to try searching for "audio conversion" on download.com or sourceforge.net. Hope that helps.

Sometimes, sometimes, companies just rename files. So, it might just be finding the correct file that the .exe uses. Search throughout the application folder, and try to find anything resembling the songs, or file store for that program. Then just try playing it.
I've run accross quite a few programs that will rename stuff like .mpg's to .blahblahblah or whatever they want so that user's will not know what that is or that they could actually take it.
This may or may not be the case, because I've never used msuicnow. So I'd suggest calling their help line and getting help ASAP, considering you're a paying customer.