Hey everyone.I am doing bachelors in software engineering and now am in my final year.and need a good idea for my final year degree project.so any good idea.....please do write in detail....waiting for a positive reply

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So are we.

Oh, that reminds me, I need to finish off something else first.

Good luck with the suggestions :icon_rolleyes:

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u must be strong in one particular domain for example if u r good in java prefer securtity projects which has good scope,
like that choosing domain is more important, if u like any of the softwares prefer that , get in deep involvement, n carry ur project

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thanx for replying
but can you people name any of projects.....
which you have done...or you think it will be good..any idea about taking any specific project....

So why did you do this degree in the first place?

Here's some really general advice:

Do a project that builds on something you learned in one of your Software Engineering courses. Use design patterns, good programming style throughout .etc Pick something you like so you don't end up dreading the project.

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I made a web site in java this summer that interacts with a database. I called it bookshelf. You can develop this idea to a more complex one but this is probably too simple for a final degree. You decide.

Hi dear friends, You need some help for your final year project. But first you are describing a post. What are you need ? After i suggest which one is the best for you. Thanks for your knowledgeable post.

It's the tutors at universities and colleges' that I feel sorry for. It really does look like the www has destroyed peoples ability to think for themselves!

Heres a few:
1) A video tracks program to track people/objects
2) Image identification, ie compare to images if they similar.
3) Well I want to develop an invoicing/quotation software for my dads business but dont have time, iv searched for others but none that fits a business that deals with 2 currencies along with other things. So you could develop that for me/your final project :p

Let me know what you think.

Code a live video search engine for your final year project assignment , given a name of place it should find out all live video s in around the place .

i have the same problem as well help me

You get out of life, what you put in. The same is true for education.

hello um doing mi final project and have chose to do about passport agency system since is not yet established in our country really need ur help

hello um doing mi final project and have chose to do about passport agency system since is not yet established in our country really need ur help

  • Create general idea what such system should have according to you
  • Do research on what other countries use based on content published publicly on internet
  • Based on these things establish your own requirements and decide on which technology would be most soutable to your needs
  • Next time post in relevant section with SPECIFIC question not GENERAL request

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