Hello All,

I have a doubt...

basically I worte my first interpreter in C (A very simple one though... )

I will take a input file and will pass as command line arguements to my interpreter . This file will convert the input file to standard C file and will store in .C extension.

Now how do I call a C compiler insider my function itself, so that this generated C file will be compiled and executed at once.


I create a text file test.txr as follows

Hello PRINTA ......

Hello GETTA .....

I pass this file as a command line...

conv text.txr (In command line)

This conv.C takes this file as input and convert PRINTA as printf and GETTA as scanf etc . (As you know..... simple pre processor).

So as the end, text.C will be generated.... All was fine till here.

Now I wanna compile this text.C and execute inside this conv.C itself.

Do you get my objective...............???????????/

Is this possible??????????

Waiting for your help guys......... I;m doing it for one charity process. I want this to happen ASAP.


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You can use the system function to run the compiler and then run the compiled code

Hi... Thanks for posting.........

I already sorted out this issue . I used the system function.......

Thanx a lot :)))))))))

Meanwhile I have a idea on creating a special language .


The details which we give will be abstract. The compiler inturn will process it and will create a response .

Is this possible ??????? If so how and where should i start.


In put : Let a be 10 and B be 20 .

Out put which will be fed to the compiler must be : int i=10, b=20 ;

Like this, I want to create a programming language......

Pls Help!!!!!!!!


Take a look at yacc and lex. Also, APL is already a programming language


Thanks for ur help!!

I did read Lex and Yacc.

That's what I exactly did in my previous program . Anyways It gave some ideas.

Regarding APL . I just kept one name....

Anyways thanks for your help!

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