I am doing a survey for writing a technical report (Part of my BS technical report writing course.) I have chose the subject as which database Management System people select when writing database application while keeping in view their preference and options.

So please help me, kindly take your time and just fill this (14 questions) questionnaire, so I can complete my Primary research. Do me favor please.

Link to Questionnaire.


thanks and regards.

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Oh, you took it wrong.
This research/survey not being done for any benefit of people or database administrators, nor it is meant for it. It is done as a dummy or example survey for preparing technical report for TRW course.
A report is done via secondary and than primary research. And then it includes interpretation of information gained from that survey. It is basically done for demonstrating the skills of technical report writing.
The skill to be learned is how to prepare a technical report, not on providing a survey based article over choosing DBMS, it is useless from that perspective..
Now I think you got an idea and wont mind sparing ur some time by filling my form.

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