I am currently in a basic AA program for information technology and my original focus was going to be a bachelors in web security. I have recently been employed with a school district helping the network administrator for the district and have sense wanted to become a tech. I mean by tech it involves physical,networking, and tech support. Currently I want to get my A+ certification and was wondering if anyone knows how to have either University of Phoenix pay part or whole fee for the test. Also I am new at this and this is what I want to do so any A+ free share sites would be helpful. I mean by this by study sites that prep you for the test. I am asking this because my teacher is not giving me any information or response to me asking and my counselor does not know if University of Phoenix helps in getting certified. So long story short I have to go to Tallahassee and go to the test site and see if I can get a discount through University of Phoenix. If anyone knows about this feel free to post and any further tech experience and knowledge is appreciated.

Why in hell would a university pay you for them to educate you?
You should pay them instead.

If you're too cheap to invest in your own education, you don't deserve to be educated.

Why in hell would a university pay you for them to educate you?
You should pay them instead.

If you're too cheap to invest in your own education, you don't deserve to be educated.

Thanks for being rude and swearing at me,note taken on etiquette,
aside from this rude reply and show of intelligence I am not too cheap to pay for my education. You are what is wrong with the rest of the world; you ask a simple question and get an even simpler and stupid answer. Anyhow it is that I have a wife, three kids and am a full time student. I do not have the $200 plus to just lay down for a hit or miss test. Now then did I say they should pay for me, no I only wanted to know if as a licensed schoo,l if they would thereby license you in your career. This verbal diarrhea that has come out of your mouth should really be looked at. But seeing as for this warm welcome I did not know programers were so rude as customers are your income. I just wanted to thank you for being so rude.

If you know your stuff, it's not a "hit and miss test", and $200 is peanuts.
Just skip on buying that new television for the toilet for a few weeks.

There is no "license" to work in this field, sadly.
If there were one people with attitudes like yours who demand freebies then get abusive when they don't get them handed on a golden platter would never even consider working in it.

Isn't University of Phoenix an online school? Which would explain why the teacher doesn't get back to you and the adviser doesn't advise.

there is a real university in Phoenix, but I think there's also at least one diploma mill passing themselves off as that.

I don't know about a A+ cert being discounted or free, but the CCNA and/or NET+ certs could be covered by the IT company you would be working for. My professor told me he took his Security+ free because the company he was working for at the time paid for it; only if he passed it though.

An A+ isn't going to get you very far in the IT field; especially if you wanted to get into web security. Go for your CCNA, NET+, and SECURITY+.

As for looking for discounts, I don't see a problem with it. I go to school, and get paid roughly $2,000 a semester just for myself; tuition paid in full.

That's different from the school paying the cost for you, which is what OP is looking for.
OP appears to be the typical no-good lazy kid we see a lot here who wants everything for free with no effort whatsoever.