my first post...[a leetle nurvous ;) ]

4th sem is over, summer hols started, and so has the headache of summer homework.

for the in-house summer training we have to do build some simple good userfriendly and useful application written in whatever language we may like, and the time we have got is till late june.

now i have some skills in c++ and c [first learned in school and then in first year in collg again] , will just need to go through stl etc in them, thats what we didn't do that good when being 'taught'.

on the otherhand, i will be taking training side by side of basic java - sun certf. java programming basics upto networking stuff etc.
so basically, am at naught level in java (but the core basics are almost same as c++ so there i guess i will be obviously knowing the basic-est stuff)

what i want is,(and pardon my lack of imagination, am too much of a left brained guy), to develop a simple application programmable in 5 to 6 weeks, having a pretty decent usefullness appeal.pls suggest therefore within my capabilities and time limit.

i though of a personal chat client, saw it in a java book.
or something windows oriented in c++/c like some cool customised editor resembling notepad.
or some kind of animator in c++
or a mobile apps in java. small ones like calculator, or puzzle game, or quizzer on some subject(which can be useful for people), or some other app.

running out of imagination...

okay, i'm ready for the hardwork, you know my level from reading all i wrote above, and know my creative limits.

so pls suggest me something good to make, and some links to refer to for help for coding and other tasks that will be required once i set to doing the thing.

thanking y'all

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Projects that I've worked on or thought about that seem to be about a summer's worth:

- A code pretty-printer for one or more languages
- with optional format-specification files (how much indent, whether to boldface variable names or language builtins, etc)
- with optional output options (HTML, rich text, etc)

- an RSS/ATOM client that runs as a daemon and sends email when a new feed item is found
= or do something similar for web comics
= or blogs (with keywords?)

- a web spider that looks for new (whatever you like) and obeys all the 'be nice' rules

- Add some brew formulas for, for instance, gnu projects (bison): http://mxcl.github.com/homebrew/

- a tool that scans text files making sure they meet some company spec (two spaces after every period that ends a sentence, look for run-on sentences, spell check, ...)

- a Firefox addon that does something you like or need

- a static dead-code discovery tool for C or a related language

- a 'diff' tool that handles structured data (HTML / XML, json) rather than plain text

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