hi, I'm starting my thesis proposal and I've come up about career assessment for incoming first year students. The problem is i cannot find any career assessment tool that will be my source. our school cannot give us their questionnaire because its against the rules. I'm just wondering if anyone could help me out.. i will be glad to hear any comment related to my proposal. thank you!

by the way, our thesis is about system development with research component. we cannot propose an information system.

Talk to the folks that do student / career counseling at your school. Even if they cannot give you some actual tests or data, you can

  • Ask to take some assessments yourself, which will give you a good idea about what they are (need not be the incoming student assessment)
  • Ask for the names of standard assessment tools which you can then look up another way.

hello im onjing a computer science student. . .can you give some title for my thesis. . .or link that can help me to formulate a title. . tnx. . .

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