Hello frnds, I just learnt ASP.NET and have some knowledge of C++ language

Now I want to develop a simple User Interface (Windows application ) which should be able to communicate with a database, to check whether any activity has to be done on the particular time, if any activity assigned for the time it should give some bubble message and update in Interface that this work is assigned for the time

When someone accept the work it should update the Database with details of time and the person who accepted the task.

The user interface (windows application) will run on 5 or 6 cliets machine at a time and all these will access the same database on differents server

I dont knw which language i have to use for the one application i mentioned :(

Please help and guide me on this !!

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I don't know your background, but perhaps it is better to start to walk, before you want to run?

So I imagine I'll take some flak for this, but this is in no way, shape, form, or any reader's imagination a question about "Computer Science", right? Why does the CS forum get all the "I want to do a vague project, tell me what to do" threads?

Sorry about my definition in the first para, i just referred some of the programming books and familiar with the concepts now!!

What i tried to convey is I want to create a client application which should be called by the server side application (instead of the method we use calling server from client for queries).

I noted down some points like the session should be reliable ( We may use Sql database to pool the sessions ). Then when the server has some orders for clients it should query database for sessions and it will send messages or some signals to all clients at the same time Which will kick the client process to work on time !!

Well in 2days i am able to explore only this much of amount !!

I am not sure about above concept will click or not, If the above idea is possible please suggest is C # and ASP.NET knwowledge is sufficient for this , I believe i explained now in somewhat detailed than before !

Thanks for ur patience ddanbe and Auburn