There is a Byki language program that I want, but alas, it's only for Windows and Mac. :'( I read somewhere that there is something with Wine that can be done....But I'm a Ubuntu and Linux newb and havn't the faintest idea of how to do something like that.

Also, if I have this in the wrong forum area, please tell me!


I am pretty sure some software is pretty portable like you're asking, but I really don't know. You might have more luck in the "Hardware and Software" subforum... Probably a Linux area there. (This isn't a great place for the question.) Good luck.

This should be in Hardware Software/Linux and Unix/Getting Started.
Most Windows programs run fine when you have Wine installed. However, some show problems that are not present when running on Windows and some don't work at all.
See the Wine AppDB entry for your software (assuming it's what you mean):

Seems like it runs okay.