I want to begin working on a project and I'm not sure which programming language is best suited for the job.

This application will be a GUI based project, so something that can easily design forms and such would be ideal.

This project would be something similar to an office management application and would include tools such as an appointment book. It also needs to be able to interface with a database.

I don't see any real need to deal with memory management or pointers or anything like that.

With that background I'd appreciate any opinions on which languages or hopefully language would be best suited to the job.


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Python. It's free, widely available, easy to learn, portable across platforms, and has a variety of graphical interfaces available.


Asp.net with C# ,It provide total project development environment.In this you work on visual studio version, It can provide both Designing and coding environment.Many website or tools provide help for this language.

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