I've been thinking about this for a week...

Well, I know that this question have been asked so many times, I've also search the forums, but instead of bumping into old threads, I just post a new thread...

We are to develop a project, and I just want to seek any suggestions from you guys...

any system but not like the Library, enrollment and payroll....

any system other than these...

My estimated development time period would be for 3 months or so...

If you need further clarifications, feel free to ask...

Thank you very much!! :)

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Poisened, this is more a question for the IT Professional lounge. I have asked that it be moved there. Good luck with your new project.:)


this is more a question for the IT Professional lounge.

I've moved it to CS because that forum is already cluttered with "I need a project idea" threads :)


@Andre, and Nick:
Oh!!, my apologies, sorry.

Anyway, Thank you!! for your quick action regarding this thread.

Although Andre misspelled my username in his last reply, hehehe! just joking, but it's ok! :D

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