Hello guys,
I'm a 2 year computers engineering student. I'm a good programmer in c, c++ and java.
MY mission is to create a software(with a graphical interface) that handles an electronics shop.
My software should know how to insert an item, to delete it, to check if expired or not, to notify the user about any items which were sold out.. etc..
My question is: what program I need in order to do such a thing?
What languages should I know?

.. Where to start?

(I think I know how to write a java program for it, as a homework.. which will word on the shell.. not as a REAL program that people can actually use).

Many thanks in advanced.

You can do it in a variety of languages...
You could use java for it, with a mysql database as the backend...
But i think the most suitable project is a web project, php, asp or java (jsf, jsp)


Yes, this seems more like a web project. If you choose java, you can use JSP(Presentation), Beans (Middle-tier), any database at your preference. Try to read more on 3-tier application architecture. It will be more like a web inventory system.

Any attempt you make, try to envision for future system expansion - use OOP.

.NET is not bad platform for this though, complete package to start with is VS2010.