I need Data Flow Diagram, Entity Relationship Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Architecture Design Diagram for the following Scenario.
I can provide Use Case Diagram for this .. It might help u ..
Please, Basically I m stuck in Sequence and Architecture Design Diagram. But I want to check whether I drew the other ones right or not....
Please find the attachment for Use Case Diagram!!!

1. For All Users:
Text-chat feature will allow users to chat with the available online users.
2. For Registered User:
Allow users to create new folders and sub-folders, to store (upload) files.
Allow users to perform move/copy/delete operations on folders and files.
The percentage of storage capacity remaining and used should be displayed on the top.
Automatic versioning system will record the version/revision information when a file is
Team management feature will allow users to work in teams (by inviting other existing
registered users). The activities of the team include access to the password protected area for
the team, uploading files, commenting on the uploaded files (discussion), polls, automatic and
manual reminders to the team members.
3. For Administrator:
Approve/Reject new team requests; update/delete existing teams.
View all the files and folders uploaded on the server.
Allow to perform delete operation on any existing file/folder existing on the server.
Delete account for any registered user.
Define and Edit storage capacity and other limits such as Maximum file size allowed for

There are many diagramming software available which will help you create diagrams. However, I will recommend you to opt for Visio 2010 which is one of the best diagramming software which will help you easily create any data flow diagram, entity relationship diagram and more. Hope this will help you out.

I know and I'm going to use this software but can you please make activity, sequence and architecture design diagram for me?
I'm stuck in it.

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