Ok, I have a slight problem..

I know that Binary is a base 2 system (1, 0) I know decimal is a 10 base number (1, 10)

But I need to know which number system has a base of 7?

Thanks in advanced!

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Snow White and the seven dwarfs?
Your perception of number systems seems a bit(no pun) out of perception.
Binary has the digits 0 and 1
Decimal has the digits 0,1,2,...9
Now perhaps figure it out for what I would call the "septimal" number system.
Analogy with decimal and hexadecimal.
Or call it septal, analogy with octal.

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Haha, like your list Momerath:)
I wonder who is ever going to use the unodecabicentimal system.:D
I have already a long time a Schaum's outline on essential computer math, where they use the word quintal for quinary.
I think it does not matter that much.
We all use the septenary system on a regular base :), now don't we?


After the chainsaw accident, all I every use is Septenary! :)

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Was it 3 on your left or three on your right hand? :D
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