First of all i need to say hi to every one .. i am new member here .. and i hope to get some help :P
well i passed my official exams .. and i pass my entrance exam in the university .. to study computer engineering..
as i know, in my country, the 1st year is General engineering .. its not a problem tho , my problem is that i need to start thinkin abt my "Engineering day", we need to make a 3d dimension project .. and i have no idea abt what i can make ..
i know how to use flash (maybe FLash mx), but i really need some help .. if some one can offer me :) .. like if he can make for me a simple template and i will add or edit some of it .. i will be thankfull..
am not asking for all work .. just for little start .. or maybe idea..
pls ... and if u want to talk to me online to give me advices , hope to add me
and Thanks in advance :)

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What does 'abt' mean?

then use that. It's incredibly rude to use shorthand like that in civilised discussion, especially if you're then asking people to spend a lot of time helping you out.
It shows you're uninterested in spending even the time to ask your question, yet expect others to spend their time for you.

Same with tho instead of though, u instead of you, etc. etc.
And oh, I is spelled with a capital I always when used as a noun. It's mandatory in English.

You saved yourself 25 keystrokes in that post (yes, I counted them) and in the process made it a lot harder to read.

And no, we're not going to do your work for you. YOU make the start and if you get stuck at some point maybe someone can give you specific answers to specific detailed questions. But we're not going to write your application for you so all you have to do is change the layout of the screen a bit and add your name to the about box.

lol, thanks .. i did not ask for all work ... i just ask for ideas or a start.
and i am free to use shortcuts.

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