Hi all,
I'm working on a project with my friends which contains modules that are written in C++,JAVA and C#. This project is currently aimed for Windows and is deployed using an old InstallShield (pretty sure it's older than 2008) based wrapper.
I would like to be able to check prerequisites at the start of the deployment. I am not familiar with InstallShield and it's capabilities and I was wondering if you could point me at a source of good methodologies for such development.

To make my self a little clearer, I would like to check that there is sufficient disk space available, that a list of certain ports are available, that .NET 3.5 is installed etc.

Thank you in advance,
Snow :)

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I do not see any Computer Science point in your post, more like Windows question as I do not thonk InstallShield exist for other operatinbg systems.


First I would like to know if there is a general methodology in CS for checking prerequisites.

Thank you

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