A new feature at DaniWeb is the ability to use [tex] bbcode. I feel this is a necessary feature if our Computer Science forums are ever to succeed. However, I want to be able to include some links to tex tutorials in my formal announcement on this feature. Does anyone know of any?

Hmm ... it's awfully small. But when I do something like [tex]a+b=c[/tex] it's not so.

[tex]Oh this is awesome!


Okay, I guess it's stuck in math mode.

[tex]Testing...$ testing testing $testing....[/tex]


[tex]Testing...\text{\huge{a text portion}}...testing...[/tex]

Some more testing...

[tex]\int_1^n \frac1x dx[/tex]

And some more...

[tex]\frac{\left(\frac{1 + \sqrt 5}{2}\right)^n - \left(\frac{1 - \sqrt 5}{2}\right)^n}{\sqrt 5}[/tex]

[tex]\text{\huge{\(\frac{\left(\frac{1 + \sqrt 5}{2}\right)^n - \left(\frac{1 - \sqrt 5}{2}\right)^n}{\sqrt 5}\)}}[/tex]

[tex] sweet [/tex]

[speculative]I can't believe no other forums have thought of this? [/speculative]

did u get my message about code tags csgal?

I did and I just replied. :)

Could someone explain to me this "tex" code? Is that what creates the graphic for an equation?

never seen this done anywhere else. such a good idea - only slight problem seems to be that a load of <br/> tags appear - think this is due to the behaviour of the text box/submission?

Hard returns aren't meant to be used with TeX anyways. I think you can avoid this by using the standard editor instead of the wysiwyg editor (hit the little A/A icon in the top right of the editor box)

yeah - my editor was set to basic in settings. still though if i do something like this:

[tex]\[{ \frac {d}{dx}} \ arctan(\sin({x}^{2}))=-2\,{ \frac { \cos({x}^{2})x}{-2+\left ( \cos({x}^{2}) \right )^{2}}}\][/tex]

the code looks correct (to me!) but i still get <br /> tags unless i put it all in a block.