Hello everyone,

I'm a student in my 4th year and i need a project idea that i can do for my Bsc.Computer Science, a project that is innovative and at the same time helpful to the society. I have a programming background in Java and Php. Kindly if any one has any send them my way.Not limiting the ideas could be across different platforms.

Any response will be highly appreciated.


We like to read your ideas and comment about them. No guarantees, that we agree in our opinions here, however. So go ahead and give summary of your candidates.

i am building an 3D fighter jet game on android with opengl es graphics for my final year project.

since you know java, maybe you can look into android development.

You can consider building the Mobile App for Daniweb ;)

Hook up some autonomous drone software with some facial recognition and build a flying killbot.

Thank you all for your suggestions bt i decided to do an android app.The thing is i need to extract information from other websites and put this info on pinpoints on Google maps does any one know hoe to go about this or refer me to some links.Thanks in advance...:)

Now a days many project done in the Asp.net & php & java but prefer the linux base programming project is good for ur future because in colleges only 2% student do this type of project.Linux used the php code in the back-end side.It is very hard to do but u make very extra ordinary project that i m sure for this.

You can consider building the Mobile App for Daniweb ;)

why is there no mobile app for daniweb? is it hard to make one?