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The IEEE has a certificate in software development, the CSDP (Computer Software Development Professional) certificate. It is a fairly new program, about 3 years on now. Since it is provided and administered by the most respected EE organization in the world, the IEEE, it should be acceptable by any reasonable employer of proof that you at least know how to tie your shoes with software... :-)


Does anybody know where you can get a computer science online certificates or c++/ programming or Mobile Applications Developer certifcates?

Following are best sites which can use for Online Computer Science Certification:University of Phoenix
Kaplan University
Prep cram


Neither Kaplan nor UoP are considered legitimate degree granting institutions by most states. So, if you get an engineering degree from them, don't expect any state Professional Engineering Examination Board to accept that as part of the requirements for a PE certificate, no matter how much experience you get. Ditto most any other technical degree from them. Don't waste your money with them. There are legitimate universities that have online and correspondence degree programs that are certified nationwide. Those are worth the $$ you are going to invest.

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