Hi all,

I'm going to write a program to play this silly online game that I waste too much of my time with, so I'm here looking for advice.

Which language do you recommend I use? The game is entirely html / css based with all of the commands being issued to the server through html.

I was considering c# as I figured there would be some type of built in classes dedicated to parsing htmls, opening pages, etc, but I can't find it anywhere. If i'm going to write the classes myself I'd prefer to stay away from the language, but i'm looking for simplicity.


There are some HTML parsing libraries in some languages but really it's trivially easy to write your own sufficiently good algorithm to play the game.

One easy way to do it might be Greasemonkey (or some old version of Greasemonkey if they've locked down the security a bit). This is what I did for some infamous stunt I pulled.