Hi guys,

I'm a Computer Science student doing my final year, as part of the year program I need to do a project, Well, I've got an idea, I decided to develop an information kiosk for my college.

The kiosk would have a touch screen monitor to display and accept input from the users, my system would run the Windows OS, do i need any special coding to do to make the touch screen workable in Windows, or do I just need to connect the touch screen with the Windows system without any additional coding, Will the touch screen assume that a tap I do on the screen is a click?

Please help!

Here is the blind leading the blind...(I have never worked with touch screens)
With any touch screen, the hardware drivers should be installed. This will result in an event being generated if you touch the screen. You should be able to trap that event in debugging mode and see what is being generated and change your code accordingly.
All gestures will generate events, but your code will not recognize them, so nothing will happen.