Hello guys, I want to grab data from a website bet-mate.com. I tried some ready made software but as I understood you can grab data if there is an HTML table. In this website that I am trying to grab them there is no table. Can anyone advice me how to take those data?. I am open to any programming suggestions as well.

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There are issues about scraping data from a website. Programs work so much more quickly than humans that even if the website owner doesn't restrict who can use the data, they may restrict how much data a program can access, to avoid overloading the server. Aside from being nice about how you access the data, there are also legal issues. If the site has a usage agreement, your program must work within the requirements of that agreement. Some sites prohibit access by programs that scrape data, for instance.

In this case, you need to read and understand this: http://www.bet-mate.com/terms-and-conditions. There are two sections that would cause me to ask them for permission: Section 6 says you cannot use this for commercial purposes. Assuming this is for your own personal use, that isn't a stopper. Section 10 reserves all rights to the web site owner. One of those rights, which doesn't have to be specifically mentioned, is the right to copy the data. Your proposed program will copy their data, so you need their permission to do it. There is a 'contact' link below section 11. I strongly urge you to use it.

Thank you for your response. Yes I read the terms and conditions and I will not use those data for any commercial uses. I just want to create my record for personal uses. The point is I didnt find a way how to scrab them :). Can you help me please.

Look in the top right hand corner of this page, in the purple part. See the button labeled "Search" with a text box immediately to its left. Fill in "Scrape website" and press search. Be aware that the top few entries are commercials. Enjoy.

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