Hi guys. I need some help with this flowchart.

Write a program that controls an elevator in a three-story building. Inside the elevator, there are three buttons to make the elevator go to particular floors. Outside the elevator, each floor has one or two buttons to summon the elevator to that floor. The first floor has only an "Up" button. The second floor has "Up" and "Down" buttons. The third floor has only a "Down" button.

You may assume that the elevator is initially on the first floor. Your control program should be friendly and responsive to the users of the elevator and should never move the elevator up or down while the doors are open.

Your program may use the following operations:

Check the status of a button inside or outside the elevator ("pressed" = true, "not pressed" = false).
Clear a button inside or outside the elevator (make it "not pressed").
Move the elevator up or down one floor.
Open or close the elevator doors.
Wait a few seconds.
Store a numeric or boolean value into a variable
Perform arithmetic operations: add, subtract, multiply, divide, integer quotient, integer remainder
Perform numeric comparisons: equals, does not equal, less than (or equal to), greater than (or equal to)
Perform boolean operations: and, or, not
Make decisions
Loop (go back to an earlier point in the program)

So far, I'm pretty much lost. We just touched upon flow charts and for starters I have

I'm not sure if any of the things in red are right..actually I'm not sure if anything on here is right. Could someone maybe help guide me in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.