Please tell me how to do unix system programming in C in windows.

Is there any c editor which contains all header files required for unix system programming in windows?

Please tell me.
There is a problem in installing linux in my system. but there is a need for me to execute those programs.

so suggest any editor in which i can execute those programs like using fork(), exec() etc.....

Thank You

Hi, Download MinGW Developper Studio for no hassle linux development on Windows.

Loren Soth

>Download MinGW Developper Studio for no hassle linux development on Windows.
MinGW only supports what the Windows API supports, and that excludes fork (which was explicitly mentioned by the OP) and many other POSIX features. Cygwin is a POSIX emulator that sits on top of Windows, and is far more faithful to POSIX without forcing you to use Windows alternatives.


MinGW do support fork with a self hosting patch (check this post about the subject and -ufork switch on gcc without using cygwin. Yet you can also use cygwin from within MinGW if you think it is worth the trouble. Mean while MinGW's main advantage is the independence of Cygwin runtime (cygwin1.dll and other things installer install) and the presence of the Visual IDE called MinGW Dev. Studio.
I have two more recomendations for this subject. One is the use of Dev-C++ Visual IDE which cames with MinGW and a great modular package system (you must give it a try); and if you don't like to mess with all those emulation layers and ports just install Microsoft VirtualPC or VMWare and install/use a Linux from within your Windows. (Just like they use WINE for the same thing from within Linux.)

Loren Soth

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