I have recently came from a LAN sesion and when i got home my windows media player is playing up.

I can't listen to music of any kind or movies this is really irittating...

Whenever i do try to play a song or movie clip it comes up with an error message saying, " Windows media player has encountered a problem and has been forced to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
then it asks me to send error report message or dont send error report message.
i have despretly been trying to fix this problem but not yet had a cure, please let me know if this problem is due to software damage or any thing like that PLZ HELP .... Oh yer and i have tried deleting the folder in program files called windows media player and then re-installing but that just doesn't fix it!


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This error is generally the result of a corrupt or missing Custsat.dll file, usually located in the C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player folder.
Did you keep a eye on your comp at all times during the lan party you might want to check your ram to dude make sure its all there


omg thank u affleck for that would u know if that is fixable ?
thanx :mrgreen:
and yes i still have my ram

Hmm come to think of it i have just checked that registry and it does have that file

my problem still isnt fixed can someone plz help me , plz

what version of media player are you using ,and also deleting folders is never an option.

hey capper jack,
im currently using windows media player 9.0

Method 3: Reinstall Windows Media Player
Remove Windows Media Player, restart the computer, and then reinstall Windows Media Player.

capper jack or any one ,how is it i can remove this program?

In xp choose from the left hand tool bar where it says add and remove windows components

First off find you sysoc.inf in windows. Open with wordpad and find windows media player, in the line after delete the hide but keep the commas. Then save and reboot. Go into add/delete files. Go to windows components and click on it to remove it.

To delete the folder, download procexp. Run it and turn off winlogin. Then delete windows media player in program files. Then run registry mechanic to clean up extra crap.
Reboot and download bsplayer and you've got one less ms program :p .

All programs I list are freeware.

P.S. you can use the same procedures to delete MS internet explorer than get firefox.

First off...

Erm, weaselco- look at the date of the last post in this thread. The thread has been dormant for over one year; why are you digging it up now?

How dreadful I'm having the same problem, could someone PLEASE speak in English here? I did not understand the last instructions, it's all gibbirish to me. Firstly can't located any sysoc.inf file, and second where is the add/remove function? Yes that's right unfortunetly I'm a touch DIM and a complete newbie to Mac. I have OS X by the way. I'm having the same trouble as the girl before me. I don't know how to get rid of my faulty windows media file. I did reinstall another version but it won't let me replace the older useless one. Could someone please find it in their heart to help as I may be condemned forevermore in the depths of despair if I don't fix this annoying problem. Cheers :mrgreen:

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