hello sir i am a student of** computer engineering** finally in my last year from pune university

sir i took a gap after my 12th for exam preparation,nd it took six year to complete my engineering

but sir i wanna say dat i got failed in my first year **of engineering due to **copy case which means similar answer sheets of two or more people or the worst case you been caught with a cheat by the external nd external served you but that is rarely happened.

nd second time in my second year of engineering in which i got 4-practicals back nd 2-theory sub bac
nd accordin to the** rule of pune university** you can keep 3-paracticals nd 2-theory **or **3-theory or two pracyicals to be promoted but my case was the first of its kind in my college which i got due to my bad relation with a single teacher.

so sir i just wanna ask how bad it can effect my carrer my job getting oppurtinities sir i'm highly tensed will i be able to get job in any companies any good companies my aggreate is 55% as companies are coming to my college but i am not eligible for that.Sir plz guide what should i do i dont wher to go for job can i try off campus **if yes **than to which companies.

plz say what to do..

nd i can't do further studies due to financial problem as i have to **repay my education loan **of my previous course.

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Honestly, if I were you I would be more worried about your atrocious spelling and grammar than employers giving two shits about any cheating scandals when you were in school.

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