hello, i want to ask something about building a great website.
i want to build a web startup,in local of course, but i dont know what programming language to use..
For example i want to build a site that looks like booking.com. please let me know what programming language to use and why ? can i use codeigniter to build a good startup ?

i am still in the high school and what programming language that i know is just PHP using CI.

Thanks for anyone who want to answer :)


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You should know how to use PHP and MySQL (ofcourse you should know HTML, jQuery, CSS, etc.) for your version 1 of your site, then you can expand using other languages, but those 2 languages are a big plus in developing a functional website.

I just noticed were both in highschool :), except I just started High School :)

HTML & CSS for look/design
PHP for the plumbing (user interaction, database linking)
MySQL for your database.

Look, If you are serious about your business then you can contact to us, for designing abd development including CMS( Content management System) or anything using Joomla technology.
Apart from that HTML, CSS you need to know and PHP is for designing and making you r webpage dynamic and attractive. :)
Best of luck.

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