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Please anyone share with me , The name of Operating Systems that are used in Computers ???

UNiplexed Information and Computing Service (Unix)

Disk Operating System (DOS)

Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD)

GNU's Not Unix / Linux (GNU/Linux)

Free Real-Time Operating System (FreeRTOS)

General Motors and North American Aviation Input / Output system (GM-NAA-IO)

University of Michigan Executive System (UMES)

Dartmouth Time Sharing System (DTSS)


Keyboard Entry Read, Network, And Link (KERNAL)

Windows 1.0


Hey, well their is three major OS that i know of,
Windows OS most popular
these are all operating systems and they each have distributions of each for example windows has windows 7, vista,xp and so on
mac has max os x, lion, ect
linux has the most which include debian(ubuntu), ferdora and so on
Also mobile computing should not be discretited
ANDROID(linux) and iOS(MAC) are the leading ones but webOS, windowsMobile(windows) and others are out there as well

Adding to what all have said.. Just to know distribuitons of Linux OS only , checkout distrowatch.com . You will get an idea that you have asked something like how many birds in my city right now..?? :) :)

I am using windows 7 ultimate and ubuntu 10.10

How many angels can stand on the head of a pin? :-)

QDOS (Seattle Computer Products - source of MS-DOS)
PC-DOS (IBM from Microsoft)
MS-DOS (derived from QDOS)
CP/M (Digital Research)
TrsDOS (Tandy OS for Trs80 computers)
Multics (predicessor to Unix)
Unix (AT&T - Bell Labs)
Ultrix (first DEC Unix)
DEC 10
DEC 20 (if you don't have 36 bits, you aren't dealing with a full DEC)
DEC VMS (awesome, but incompatible with the rest of the universe)
Thoth (first micro-kernel OS)
QNX (originally Qunix - based upon Thoth - first commercial real-time micro-kernel OS)
BSD Unix (UC Berkeley version of Unix - source of Apple's OSX and iOS)
Linux (too many versions to name)
AIX (IBM's version of Unix)
HPUX (HP's version of Unix)
SunOS and Solaris (Sun's versions of Unix)
SysV Unix (System 5 Unix - source of Solaris)
Windows (name a version from 1.0 to 8)
And we haven't even touched mainframe systems... :-)

In any case, there isn't enough time in the universe to list them all.

FWIW, I currently have computers that run 2 versions of QNX, several versions of Linux, DOS, Windows (XP and 7), Solaris (in a virtual machine), and I'm not really sure what else. Some of the systems haven't been fired up for a few years.

The typre of operating systems used in computers are Windows, Machintosh, Linux, Unix... Well, I am using Windows on my system.

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There are thousands of operating system exists in the world now a day...