I have set up a RAID 1 and want to move my data to the RAID and leave applications and the operating system on the non raid drive. I just copied My Documents to the RAID and did a backup before deleting My Documents from the non raid disk. I found that my documents couldn't be found by my applications and found this article: Click Here

The procedure is to go to Start point to My Documents right click and select Properties. Select the Target tag and type in the new path to My Documents. Apparently if you have not moved the folder the system will do so for you. I am wondering what others have done to separate their data to a RAID is this the best solution and is that all the data?

JorgeM commented: thanks for the info! +8

So the procedure you outlined is correct. With regard to protecting your data the design is common when the goal is to protect data from a hard drive failure. Keep in mind that the RAID array will not protect against accidental deletion or corruption of a file.

In other designs, typically for servers, the OS is also placed on an array to increase the server's availability by keeping the server operational in the event of a drive failure.

Thanks JorgeM

I made the post because I had a lot of difficulty finding a solution and thought that others might like to find it more easily.

Ah, yes I do recall that you had a similar post not too long ago. Thanks for sharing the information.

well it seems something is been corrupted in your process.

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