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Sorry if this sounds incredibly noobish, but i was just pondering seriously upon it. If the processer can handle only one instruction at a time, how does the computer seem to be doing like a hundred things at a time? It is performing the OS functions, it is running the application, it is displaying the GUI, and all the stuff between these. I suppose the obvious answer will be that it juggles between these processes extremely fast, but then, how fast can you go?

It's all handled by the operating system. The os contains a task scheduler whose job is to give cpu time to the various processes that are running. Here is an article that will interest you.

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Ancient Dragon is totally true, and parallel processing makes the throughput even faster (Computers with multiple processors). But everything depends on the OS and the program running (Programmers can distribut tasks of there programs on different processors to make execution faster). A single processor cannot execute multiple instructions in exactly the same time, but if you want to know more about how to benefit the maximum of a single processor check the Pipelining
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