i've recently engaged in an argument with my dad about CDs and DVDs vs memory sticks and i basically stated that since nowadays it is common for almost everyone to have at least a 16GB stick, CDs and DVDs are basically becoming useless/non-convenient. he countered me stating that CDs have a higher quality for the stored memory compared to flash drives(meanning the processes needed to store/write data on it are pure mechanically, not involving any magnetic/electric processes as sticks do => the data on CDs is much more less likely to get distorted/destroyed) which makes CDs better for storing quality audio/video

now, my question is: is that true? flash drives are (very)prone to have information errors because of physical processes? and if so, how are these errors corrected?
i don't fully the grasp the conceps involving data writing on flash drives(i have the basic idea), hence i don't understand the implications that this process has.

EDIT: now i realize i posted this in the wrong section(facepalm); i am sorry for that, some admin please move it to the coresponding section.
thx for understanding

the data on CDs is much more less likely to get distorted/destroyed

That's easy to refute. Grab a CD and scratch it up on either side. You've distorted/destroyed the data with ease. Now do the same thing with a flash drive and see how much harder it is to physically damage.

However, with proper storage, optical media has a much longer shelf life than solid state. This is a direct result of intended usage though. A CD or DVD isn't designed as a pluggable hard drive that should be read from and written to on a regular basis.

I think you're both missing the target a bit, since CD/DVD and memory sticks solve a different problem. They co-exist quite nicely. ;)

flash drives are (very)prone to have information errors because of physical processes?

Not if it's quality hardware. Has your dad been buying the cheapos at the cash register? Those are shit.

first of all, thx for fast reply!
the point my dad was trying to make is that CDs are better for storing music and videos since they can be kept safer(information intact) whereas flash drives lose information due to magnetic processes that occure inside and there is no way to prevent that resulting in the degradation of the quality of the audio/video(ofc, the changes are nearly insesizable to us humans, but the point is that they exist and software will take care of handling the 'distorted' data)
maybe i haven't been clear from the start, but what concerns me is not which of the two types of data storers are better, but rather is the data likely to get damaged in a short period of time(3-4 months since writing let's say) on a flash drive?

Ps: anyway, to me, cd and dvds are rather useless now as i can't find a single problem to be solved by them and not memory sticks so.. just saying.

is the data likely to get damaged in a short period of time(3-4 months since writing let's say) on a flash drive?

Not unless you have low quality hardware. I'd ask your dad to cite his references, because unless there have been multiple peer reviewed studies from reputable sources that conclude "likely" damage in flash drives, I'll simply call bullshit and leave it at that.

well my dad usually bases his statements on reason on deductions among with common knowledge of the subject(basically assumptions, but i have to say he is usually right in his statements); anyway, he based his affirmation on the fact that he used to work with magnetic bands as he was a DJ (in his youth :D) and he also asserts that magnetic bands have the same data stocation method as flash drives(which is false, altho both work with magnetic/electric fields)

In my experience, deductions from ignorance don't produce accurate results. No offense to your dad, but my usual response to folks who confidently make shit up is to nod and promptly change the subject.

no offence taken, after all you don't know my dad so you can't be on-spot with your assuptions about him
he doesn't make shit up, he just makes statements base on logical connections and i know, (i tell him all the time, but oh well) he is often wrong because he doesn't know all the implications of the underlying processes which can often distort the outcome of the bigger picture, but bear with me he is not ignorant, just outran by technology(but what can we expect from and soon to be old man?)

it's not ignorance, it's purely his way of surfing through this world.
anyway this is going offtopic, thx for the reply. see you safe

Please note that I'm using the word "ignorant" with its dictionary definition (ie. lacking knowledge or education), and it's focused strictly on this single topic, not general ignorance. It's not intended to be judgmental or a negative slur in any way, just an observation that what we're dealing with here is an uninformed opinion.