Yesterday while browsing the web, I stumbled upon a blog where the author had written a post regarding what a computer scientist should know, in that list he had given links for further reading. One of these links was to a website nand2tetris where the goal is supposedly to build a modern computer from first principles! This seems very interesting to me, and I would like to ask whether anyone here has tried, or would recommend this project. In a video he says it could be completed in 12 weeks, is this an accurate estimate? If so I would perhaps undertake this project early in the new year.

Also, if anyone who has tried it does reply, can you provide information about what the course doesn't cover, so I can have an idea of what I would need to study after completing the project?

Answers are much appreciated.

Looks very interesting, but in 12 weeks? Also have a look here

That is true, however I wouldn't expect to build the next intel chip or windows 9 after doing a short course! (Well,maybe windows 9! just kidding! :P)
I'm a bit worried about doing it if it will take too long, but if I spent maybe 8 hours a day on it, do you suspect I could complete it within a few months and gain a lot of knowledge from it? In the video he talks about being able to complete it in a semester, but I'm not sure how long a semester is in America, Or how much time a student would invest in it during that semester.

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