Hi all.
I'm kinda new in this forum.
But I really need answer for this question.

I have a project I do for my university which is automated timetabling using Genetic Algorithm.
I understand GA through pseudocode, but I don't know how to apply it in timetabling.

So can I know if anybody can guide me to understand it better?

And can I use PHP to develop this system?

Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks..


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I understand GA through pseudocode, but I don't know how to apply it in timetabling.

This is the tricky part... if you model your problem well, GAs will do a pretty good job.

Do you have a more specific problem statement?

And can I use PHP to develop this system?

Coding a GA is the easy part, once you have the problem modeled; any language should work, though some might be a little easier to use.


There was a similar thread not too long ago. You might want to give it a read: Need help with university scheduling using Genetic Algorithm

I can't really say much more than what I explained in that thread. And, of course, I agree with gusano79, the tricky part is coming up with a good model / parametrization for the problem, the actual implementation of GA is quite easy (and any reasonably decent programming language will do just fine).

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Hi gusano and mike! Thanx for replying..

I posted this in the link you provide before.. But then I realized it was 1 month post.. so I post the same to here for better help.. Hope u don't mind.. :p

I dealt with the same system with nizam27391 here! Also using GA.

I'm building a automated timetable system for university. As you mention about the curriculum. I've detailed that out. But what about the encoding of data? The data consist of :
-groups -> keeps all the groups that will attend the event
-course -> list of course
-coursegroup ->list of course to be taken by a certain group

I keep it in database..so there is ID generated for each table.
Same question like nizam28391.. can I use the ID to represent the data to be use in GA?

Btw. If you have pseudocode or any links for the university timetabling in GA, it will be much more appreciated! I try searched for GA.But don't know how to apply in my system


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