i am a final year computer science student and im trying to develop a voice based email system for the blind as my final year project,which means the user can operate all the functionalities of an email with voice.what i need to know is what languages should i use in order to implement this system?what are the drawbacks and difficulties will i face?will it be more useful developing it for the mobile or desktop?and please let me know whether its a good idea or else please do drop in some.
thank you in advance.

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You may find the answer by inspecting in which programming language do you feel more confortable. Maybe it's no so important the language choice -most languages are sufficiently empowered-, but with which may you strive better to succeed.

finding all that out is part of your work, not ours. You should have learned how to perform your own research by now, make use of those skills.
Feel free to bounce ideas off of people, but don't expect them to do your thinking for you!

As JWenting says, the research is yours to do. We can only give advice.

That having been said, I would start by going over the languages you are already familiar with, and see what relevant libraries are available for each. In most cases, the frameworks in question should work with most languages, given sufficient coaxing, so it probably is a matter of what language you are most fluent in. It is unlikely that you would want to choose an unfamiliar notation for this, though that, again, is your decision to make.

i think you can use any online service help to solve the problem. there have so many onlin eservice avaible in the intneret to solve students this type problems.

no amount of internet can help solve his basic problem: laziness.

wow that would be great. have you completed it now?

C++ has several speech recognition libraries available.

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