Help me to buy a pc with higher end specification..

anthonydaniel commented: just 500GB hard disk,and minimum 8GB ram is good top specificaton.. +0

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@happygeek I tried to remove the windows OS from your configuration, but I couldn't reach an acceptable state. What will OP do if he wants to upgrade his OS ?

I somehow doubt that he genuinely wants our help. Otherwise why use another account to answer his own questions with equally inane answers?

This may violate the Keep it Spam Free <rule>

I imagine it will eventually, he's probably building up to the spam stuff...

He's not the droid we're looking for (Anthony Daniels = C3PO).

Here's the neat thing about the world today. We have lots of choices but you didn't share your specification.

Is it for low power, gaming, or computation intense like bit mining?

Don't waste your time. The OP has posted a bunch of questions and answered them using another acountm, and vice-versa. It's a spam bait and respond thing in the making, most likely waiting for the sig facility to kick in.

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